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"keeping sweet family traditions alive"

Q. My package was missing the enclosed recipe and ingredient list, where can I get this?
This is a very rare occurrence, but occasionally it happens.
Please request a copy from us: amy@sweetlegacies.com
 We will send it speedily​.
 Note: ALL our products may contain trace amounts of various nuts

Q. Do you have serving suggestions and recipe alternatives?
Yes, we are working on getting all that posted in the specification tabs for each product. If you don't see it under specification or description tab, email us a recipe request at: amy@sweetlegacies.com
 Also available via email or under spec tab are suggestions for other creative uses for the mixes, as well as alternative recipes for those who prefer vegan recipes, or dairy free options or perhaps you simply need high altitude prep ideas.

Q. Will you be coming out with more gluten-free products?
YES! We already have some amazing gluten-free bakery mixes that are truly outstanding. Limited quantities available.
Best availability and greater selection is Sept through December.

Q. Will you PLEASE bring your boxed truffles back?!
and those chocolate caramel pretzels...miss them so much!
It is currently under consideration.

Q. Do you have better shipping prices for large orders? 
YES.Your order must exceed 50.00 and unless you have a coupon code, you must email us your order and we will send you a shipping estimate for larger orders.

Q. Do you have chef, corporate, and wholesale discounts?
YES! See our "contact page" for details
If you live in 
Boulder County, CO 
we offer HAND DELIVERY on
 orders of 35.00 or more, 
for yourself or a friend. Please 
email your order.